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shameless, kallista dane

Shameless (Warriors of the Seven Stars #5) by Kallista Dane – Free eBooks Download


Selena left her home, her whole world, for the wicked thrills she discovered in his arms.
But is passion alone enough to make life bearable on his hostile alien planet?
Gadolinium is nothing like Earth. It’s icy cold, shrouded in darkness for nearly half the year. The ancient Vikings who settled the planet brought with them their animals, their formidable skills in battle – and their customs, including that of stern punishment for females who disobey the rules.
Caught up in the heart-pounding thrill of her first real relationship, Selena thought love alone would be enough to sustain her. But as time passes, she realizes how much she misses not just the perfect weather, but her role as director of medical services in the largest city on Earth. Haldor is busy with his duties as a member of the Gadolinian High Council, and she’s finding it hard to fill the empty hours he’s away without getting into trouble.
Haldor can see his new mate is unhappy. But when she ignores the rules he’s laid down to keep her safe and nearly dies because of it, he has a hard choice to make. If he truly wants to do what’s best for her, he needs to send her back to Earth.
Does loving Selena mean saying goodbye to her forever?

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