Shadow of Dark Desire by Ashley Lockwood (ePUB)

shadow dark desire, ashley lockwood

Shadow of Dark Desire (Shadows Eternal #1) by Ashley Lockwood – Free eBooks Download


In this world, not all who roam the darkness are monsters. Sometimes the dark creature lurking in the shadows is exactly who you’ve always been waiting for.

In a realm where the lines between the magickal and the mortal blur, a young woman finds herself at the heart of a tumultuous power struggle. With her unusual newfound abilities shrouded in mystery, she navigates the shadowy paths of magick, seeking to uncover the truth of her past origins and the extent of her powers.
Allied with a brooding, sexy vampire whose loyalty is as enigmatic as his past, they face dangers both external and within on a journey that challenges their boundaries of trust and temptation.
She discovers a world of mages, dragons, witches, and other creatures known as the Folk. Forced to navigate this new world and the truths of her past, the last thing she needs is a crush on her vampire protector.

This story weaves a tapestry of magick, danger, and temptation, inviting readers into a richly imagined realm where destiny is not always written in the stars, but in the choices we make.

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