Taken By Her Wolf by Samantha Leal (ePUB)

taken her wolf, samantha leal

Taken By Her Wolf (Mossy Ridge Shifters #4) by Samantha Leal – Free eBooks Download


Vacation time! … FINALLY… at least that had been Harriet’s plan…
Between running logistics for the Lawson pack, managing no small about of magic spells across town, not to mention owning and operating the local café, The Cup, Harriet was completely burnt out. Her big plans? Donning a bathrobe and eating ice cream, with no one pulling at her! Heaven.

And then in walked Mr. Tall, Dark and mysterious…Lucas. Oh, and apparently, he had rescued the niece and nephew she hadn’t even known existed! He’d saved them from the same bad pack that had held her brother. As he introduces herself, a million nerves across her body are on fire with a fierce attraction…even as a million threads are sewn together from her own mysterious past…and that of her brother. And then there’s the “poppet.” Lucas had found her long lost dolly… a dolly with some magical secrets of its own…

All Lucas could think about was saving his own kids. But due to her special talents, he needed Harriet’s help – and one way or another he would secure it. He wished like hell she wasn’t so damn beautiful. He didn’t need any distractions if push came to shove and he had to compel her to help him. If he had to he would force her to help him. The kids needed him. She’d forgive him eventually, right? Well, he would have to sort that out later. Right now his only mission was to save them.

But with a growing attraction between them, things were quickly getting complicated. Will he be able to indeed convince her to help him? Will it take force? And even if he does, will their mounting passions be an asset in their mission, or will it tear them apart and doom the kids forever?

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