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Shades of Mer (Faerie-Tail Awakening #3) by J.L. Myers – Free eBooks Download


A Fae Princess with a fishtail. An evil Queen to defeat. And an underwater kingdom ruled by a chauvinistic King who holds the key to saving Calli’s lover, the Fae Prince, and all of the Shaede.

My mother was a sea witch. My father was the Fae King. Their love affair set the stage for the rest of my life. Monsters, lies, and running…until I met the man that was tasked with my survival right before he saved my life. I was four. He was just a boy—but he was never human.
Neither was I.
Now I have a task. Find the trident. Defeat the Queen. Save all the Fae in the Shaede, including the devastatingly hot Fae Prince. Oh, and pray to Jeebus that if I win, it won’t kill my comatose stalker (aka – the love of my life!)
Yeah, and you thought you had it tough…so, here I go. Wish me luck, come along for the ride, and seriously, cross your fingers and toes while you’re at it. I’m gonna need all the help I can get!

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