Seaside Cowboy’s Fairy Tale by Alexa Verde (ePUB)

seaside cowboy's fairy tale, alexa verde

Seaside Cowboy’s Fairy Tale (Seaside Cowboys #4) by Alexa Verde – Free eBooks Download


While her childhood might be similar to Cinderella’s, she rescues others instead of waiting for a prince to rescue her. And she’d never fall for the subject of her investigation, a charming and mysterious CEO, right?

Private investigator / bodyguard Rachel Arvidson has to run from the masquerade ball, her suave dance partner, Tex Lawrence, and yes, even leave her sparkly shoe behind to chase a thief. Her client wants Rachel to trail Tex, but once she blows her cover to save Tex’s life and gets to know him better, she questions everything. His guilt. Her no-dating rule. And who’s really behind the jewelry thefts plaguing the coastal small-town community.

The beautiful stranger takes Tex Lawrence’s breath away twice—the second time by knocking him to the ground. Unlike his cowboy brothers who’ve gotten married in quick succession, he chose a different path. But this once-betrayed workaholic might risk his bruised heart again for Rachel. What will he do when he learns her secret?

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