Searching for Haven by Jen Talty (ePUB)

searching for haven, jen talty

Searching for Haven (Fallport Rescue Operations #2) by Jen Talty – Free eBooks Download


In the heart of darkness, love’s eternal flame sparks a blazing trail of redemption.
Weston Campbell, a former Ranger marred by disgrace and a tumultuous past, steps onto the uncertain pathways of redemption. A reluctant offer from his cousins throws him into the midst of a protection detail—a realm where trust hangs by a delicate thread.
A shroud of mystery envelops Haven Taylor, a woman woven with the threads of adversity and survival. Haunting echoes of a dangerous liaison threaten her dreams, dragging her back to a town steeped in shadows and fears. Her path, seemingly isolated, collides with Weston’s, igniting the embers of an unexpected romance that simmers with intensity.
In the embrace of secrecy, their hearts entwine, a connection forged in the flames of shared hardships. A delicate dance of trust begins, swept up in a whirlwind of unspoken feelings and unrelenting pasts. Suspicion lurks in every corner, the watchful eyes of friends clouded with doubt, unknowing of Weston’s battle with the specters of his heart.
As the canvas of their romance is painted with the brush strokes of passion and vulnerability, a sinister presence emerges from the shadows. A relentless danger circles Haven, unveiling a terrifying vendetta that consumes the night with terror. With each heartbeat, time slips through their fingers, racing towards a harrowing fate.
Weston, caught in a tempest of love and loyalty, must navigate the treacherous roads of betrayal and despair. In the ultimate test of spirit, he confronts the demons of his past, armed with a fierce determination to safeguard Haven’s life. Their journey, an enthralling odyssey of survival and love, delves into the abyss of fear and uncertainty on a quest for solace and a chance to glimpse the light of a new beginning.

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