Say You’ll Stay by Charlotte Byrd (ePUB)

say you'll stay, charlotte byrd

Say You’ll Stay (Macmillan Brothers #2) by Charlotte Byrd, Ronan Byrd – Free eBooks Download


Meet Beau MacMillan, the suave and wealthy COO of Somerset Harbor Resort, and Elsie, the brilliant architect who’s got a heart of steel!
When the MacMillan family needs their new resort to be nothing short of extraordinary, Beau takes matters into his hands. He wants the best, and that means one architect in particular, but fate has other plans. Instead, he’s stuck with Elsie, the talented yet feisty architect but not his first choice.
With equal power and an instant dislike for each other, sparks fly like dynamite! Beau might have the money, but he can’t buy Elsie’s heart, and she’s not about to make things easy for him. Their working relationship is as explosive, with heated arguments and clashes at every turn.
But as they spend more time together, something starts to shift. Elsie’s tough exterior hides a vulnerability that intrigues Beau, and he finds himself reevaluating his first impressions. Likewise, Elsie begins to see past the surface of the wealthy resort owner and discovers a man worth knowing.
As they work side by side to redesign the resort, they learn to navigate the rough waters of their initial conflict and find common ground. But will their newfound respect and affection be enough to bridge the gap between their worlds?

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