Saving Their Forever by Patricia D. Eddy (ePUB)

saving their forever, patricia d eddy

Saving Their Forever (Away From Keyboard) by Patricia D. Eddy – Free eBooks Download


I thought I’d left my past behind. With fatherhood only days away, I’m even willing to hand over the reins of Hidden Agenda to West Sampson, a retired SEAL and the best damn tactical genius on the planet.
Until a man follows Wren after her baby shower, and I’m forced to confront shadows I thought I’d long banished.
A group of ruthless killers are after me, but they don’t care who gets in the way. And they’re not above using my pregnant wife and unborn baby to exact their revenge.
They don’t know my family. Don’t know what we’re capable of. Don’t know how far we’ll go to save the ones we love.
No one’s getting to Wren and our daughter. Not without going through me.

In this thrilling Away From Keyboard novella, celebrate the birth of Ry and Wren’s baby, and find out what’s next for the rest of Hidden Agenda and Second Sight.

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