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runaway, noelle adams

Runaway (The Magnussons #2) by Noelle Adams – Free eBooks Download


My relationship with Elias Magnusson happened in a blaze of fiery passion. We met and fell in love and got engaged in just a few weeks. He might be heir to a fortune and act as cool as ice, but I believed I saw the real man beneath the surface. And that was a man I loved.
But on our wedding day, I suddenly realize that I’m about to marry a stranger. A stranger with endless resources and more power than I’ve ever known. We might be great in bed together, but a marriage needs a lot more. Needs a lot deeper. So I run. I run away from the wedding and leave Elias without a word.
It’s a terrible thing to have to do, but I’m sure it’s for the best. I’ll become a runaway bride, even though it’s the last thing I want. I assume Elias will never forgive me for such a betrayal. Never once do I dream that he’ll come after me and try to convince me that our wild whirlwind romance is real.

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