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ruler, kiki burrelli

Ruler (Wolves of Royal Paynes #2) by Kiki Burrelli – Free eBooks Download


Warriors. Outsiders. Alphas.

It all started with a mouse and a note. After that, Faust kept receiving strange messages delivered by forest animals. He’s no cartoon princess and this sh*t is weird but not life-threatening. He ignores it until he receives a flurry of notes all with the same message, help me, and there is no way Faust can ignore the odd messages any longer.

Storri was locked in a tower over five years ago, trapped there by a man he trusted. The man claims to be protecting Storri from himself and others, but Storri never had any enemies—only a teacher he thought had been a friend. Storri’s ability to communicate with animals helped him stay sane in isolation, but after so long alone, hope has faded.

Rescuing his prince is only half the challenge. Faust and his pack already have a mystery, and they’ve never been closer to finding out who destroyed their family and why. But with knowledge, comes danger and the man who took Storri isn’t the only one willing to do anything to get their hands on him.

Ruler is the second book in the Wolves of Royal Paynes series. It is an action-packed, magically-infused, swelteringly hot, mpreg romance that continues a world of angels, demons, mystery, and magic. For maximum enjoyment, this series should be read in order.

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