Royally Ruthless by Elle Boon (ePUB)

ruthless, elle boon

Royally Ruthless (Royal Sons CA #10) by Elle Boon – Free eBooks Download


Rita & Lion
A Woman On The Run.
An Old Threat Resurfaces.
Secrets That Could Destroy Them All.

Lion… President of the Royal Sons Ozark Chapter and oldest son of a bastard. He earned his position through blood, sweat, and by taking no prisoners. His motto has always been to protect his family and those weaker than him. That includes a tiny woman who comes into town with enough baggage she should probably have kept on driving.

Rita… She and her friends finally escape hellish marriages like thieves in the night. They have no doubt that one day they will have to face the bastards who thought they owned them. However, she takes the lifeline Fenix tosses her with both hands. Holiday Missouri is a long way from the Marine housing and hopefully, far enough that they can disappear long enough to get strong again.

Life has a way of giving and taking, and just like a fairytale, Rita finds that nothing is like what you read in romance novels. The demons from the past don’t stay dead forever. Will Lion be able to save her from a trained killer, or will they all go down under the wrath of her ex-husband this time? Lion has always put his family and brothers before anyone else, but he’s never had a woman who was his, until Rita. He’s going to show her he’s a lot more than a tattooed biker. He’s a killer who isn’t afraid of a little blood on his hands to save those he loves and she’s fallen into that group, for better or for worse.

Hold on for one crazy suspenseful ride with theHarlots as they show you riding ain’t just for the boys!

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