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room 810, trisha linde

Room 810 (The Scarlet Hotel) by Trisha Linde – Free eBooks Download


Behind closed doors at The Scarlet Hotel, anything can happen… even finding love a world away.

Alpha Gabriel Barclay should be happy. He should also be relaxed and carefree, but he is none of those things. He is literally paid to take vacations, traveling the world to review hotels and resorts, but for someone like him—some would call him uptight, but he prefers the word meticulous—everything seems to cause him stress. Delayed flights, lost luggage, scratchy sheets, soggy food—how hard it is for people to get it right?! When an unexpected storm leaves him stranded at an island resort, he finds himself thrown off his axis, butting heads with the spirited owner who is himself a whirlwind to be weathered. But maybe there is peace to be found in the calm after the storm…

Omega Toby Bradbury is love and light and all things bright. I mean, he set up his resort in the most beautiful place on earth, so obviously he’s happy. He certainly isn’t hiding from the world or past heartbreak. When a storm hits their tiny island paradise harder than expected, he finds a surprising ally in the hard-edged Gabriel. The two men are complete opposites, but the longer they’re stuck together, the more middle ground they seem to find.

Room 810 is the ninth standalone book in the m/m mpreg romance series, The Scarlet Hotel, from bestselling author Trisha Linde. Each book features a new couple and begins and ends in a different room at The Scarlet Hotel. Room 810 features an alpha with an abundance of hangups, an omega who is overcompensating to hide a broken heart, and an unexpected pregnancy that will bring them closer together. Take a holiday in the sun and sand in this opposites-attract romance.

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