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Rixen (Holidate With an Alien #3) by Ella Blake – Free eBooks Download


I’m visiting my daughter and her Stryxian mate for the holidays, but a certain gorgeous merchant has thoroughly captured my attention. I thought I was well past these fluttery feelings, but Rixen ties my tongue in knots and makes my heart pound. He keeps to himself, but when we team up to prepare the settlement for the upcoming festival, I know the sparks fly in both directions. But how do I get a grumpy alien to admit his feelings for me?

Rubi is lovely in every way, but the feisty human female isn’t planning to stay on Stryxia. Her home is on Earth. I’ve no interest in a brief romance. I want Rubi as my mate, permanently, but that isn’t on her agenda. Still, I agree to work with her on the upcoming human-Stryxian festivities. When one of my transports, which is carrying supplies to my settlement, is disabled out on the Sanrous Plains, I head out to repair it. In a moment of weakness, I agree to let Rubi come along for the ride. It shouldn’t take more than a day, after all. But the problems with the transport ship are a little more complicated than they appear. It seems Rubi and I are in for a bumpy—and very surprising—ride.

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