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rivers edge, jen talty

Rivers Edge (The River Winery #1) by Jen Talty – Free eBooks Download


Malbec River wants to sell to his family’s failing winery. So when his mother, Shirley “Weezer” River, calls, informing him she has a potential buyer, he’s on the next plane to ensure his mother isn’t up to her old tricks. Weezer is the reason he left town in the first place, and she can’t be trusted. Of course, things aren’t as straightforward as his mother made them appear and when Malbec comes face to face with the one woman standing in the way of him selling the winery, he may have met his match.
Eliza Jane Blue is a talented Viticulturist and Vintner who searched for an opportunity to head up her own line of wines, and she jumps at the chance when Weezer offers her the job as head winemaker. However, Weezer neglected to tell her that the winery is failing. Eliza will need a miracle if she’s going to save The River Winery and Vineyard, and create a new line of wines that bares her name. Her biggest obstacle—Malbec River, the best Viticulturalist in the business. He’s trying to pressure his mother into selling the winery…to a large corporation, which would not only take away her job, but it would successfully kill her dreams.

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