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risque business, brittany cournoyer

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He’s not Julia Roberts, and I’m not Richard Gere. We’re way better.

Warner isn’t looking to be rescued. He knows he can’t turn tricks forever, but he has plans. In the meantime, he gets paid well for his skills. Plus, sometimes he gets guys like a certain redheaded virgin who make Warner’s job worth it. Still, no one ever wants to take the time to see Warner for who he is outside of the bedroom.

Most days, Troy is too busy to think about all those years of being teased for being the fat gay kid. But others, it doesn’t matter how successful he is, he’s painfully aware that he is almost 30 and still a virgin. Sick of waiting for Mr. Right, he decides to hire Mr. Right Now.

What was supposed to be a one-and-done turns into a repeat performance when Troy hires Warner to play the part of his loving boyfriend for a weekend wedding. He could be in real danger of believing the fantasy, but Troy is nothing if not a realist. There’s no way someone so hot, so smart, so amazing could ever look at Troy and want him for who he is.

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