Right Number by Ella Sparkle (ePUB)

right number, ella sparkle

Right Number (Getting it Right #1) by Ella Sparkle – Free eBooks Download


“Have you ever had one of those days where it seems like absolutely nothing goes right?
Yeah. Me too.”

Anna’s day was one for the record books. Just when it seemed as if nothing else could possibly go wrong, she gets a text from a man at an unknown number asking someone named Susan out for a drink.
The text from a stranger which started out as a mistake quickly turned into an unexpected friendship…that is until feelings became involved. Suddenly lines began to blur, questions can’t be answered, and the geographical distance between them seemed to grow. Add in a handsome fellow art student with a surprising confession, a creepy ex-boyfriend that won’t go away, plus the looming Spring Art Show, and Anna’s life starts to feel like it’s turned upside down.

Is it possible for a text message from a stranger to turn into a relationship? Will Anna take the leap into the unknown or is there something holding her back?

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