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Misconduct (The Sports Quintet #5) by M.E. Clayton – Free eBooks Download


What happens when all your dreams finally come true?

You remember that dreams don’t come true for everyone.

Things could always be worse, and that was a mantra that had gotten Atlas Braylon through his rough childhood. His parents had been abusive, and though he had the mental, emotional, and physical scars to prove it, he didn’t have any sexual scars, so…yeah, things could always be a lot worse. However, thanks to his four best friends, he’d gotten free, and thank God for that miracle.

Ten years later, Atlas was a goalie in the NHL, and he was one of the best in the league. His stats were impressive as hell, his talent undeniable, and even though he’d rather pull his teeth out with rusty pliers than do post-game interviews, he knew how blessed he was to have the life that he had. There was also the fact that The Loyal Five were just as close as ever still, something that he valued greatly.

Things could always be worse, and that was something that Waverly Stewart had always believed. Though she’d been raised by the best parents that a girl could ever have, her father’s job as a police officer had taught her to be grateful for all that she’d been afforded growing up. She’d also been fortunate enough that her parents hadn’t been the suffocating kind, that a blessing in itself.

Ten years later, Lux worked as a restaurant manager, and though not glamorous by any stretch of the imagination, she lived a life where all her choices were her own. Ready to see the world, her parents hadn’t held her back from experiencing what was out there, and she wasn’t afraid to pack up and leave when her feet began to feel restless beneath her. After all, life was the greatest adventure of all.

When your entire world changes in a blink of an eye…
When a night of celebrating turns into a public disaster, Atlas does his best to keep things from getting out of control, especially since his team is in the playoffs and can’t afford to screw up. However, all his efforts are thwarted when Waverly Stewart and her fiery temper decide to go head-to-head with a hockey-obsessed town and the ice gods that rule everything around them.

When a night of celebrating turns into a public disaster, Waverly does her best to stick to her convictions, especially since she’d done the right thing to begin with. However, her righteousness ends up costing her more than she had bargained for, and even the gorgeousness of Atlas Braylon isn’t enough for her to put down her shield and sword. After all, her parents hadn’t raised her to be a wallflower.

Embroiled in a public spectacle that even the most popular reality television show would envy, there are no shortage of fireworks whenever they come across one another, and neither is willing to backdown, regardless of their audiences. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that those fireworks aren’t always the angry kind, and all that does is just make things worse.

Note: This book contains adult situations, adult language, sexually explicit encounters, mention of abuse, mention of child abuse, and bullying/cruelness. If sensitive to any of the aforementioned issues, please do not read.

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