Rhuron’s Bride by Autumn Reign (ePUB)

rhuron's bride, autumn reign

Rhuron’s Bride (Crystal Glass Dragons #1) by Autumn Reign – Free eBooks Download


A dragon prince who always gets what he wants. A strong-willed female for whom he has a predestined, instinctual desire.
He’ll ask her to be his queen. What could go wrong?
When a seer shows Prince Rhuron his fated mate, a common human, he is compelled to find her. The future of his royal line depends on it.
Izzy is horrified when she’s plucked from her quiet and uneventful existence ― by a dragon. How could he be so arrogant as to snatch her away like that? She cannot deny that his whole presence ― all emerald eyes and scorching abs ― has her melting inside.
Rhuron is filled with regret and struggling against his raw desire for Izzy. With his hot-blooded cousin, Tierner, desperate for the throne and preparing to snatch more women, Izzy must either reject her royal destiny or use it to end the kingdom’s archaic traditions. As their lives further entwine, can they resist the inescapable culmination of their fated lust?

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