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Redemption Road (Wolf Harbor #8) by L.J. Breedlove – Free eBooks Download


Some Things Haunt You Forever
There is trouble in the Okanogan.
Benny and Ryder Garrison grew up there, a part of their father’s shifter pack. But their father has disappeared, and the pack has slowly disintegrated — and it wasn’t the most stable of packs to begin with.
The neighboring Penticton pack in British Columbia is causing problems — again — and the Penticton Alpha is thought to be a part of the pipeline that allowed Vancouver to amass a young shifter army. That fell apart when Hat Island Alpha Abby Stafford killed the Vancouver Alpha, but there are still all those young shifters, just waiting for a leader. The whole region is about to go up in flames — just days before the big meeting of the World Council of Alphas in Seattle.
Fix it, Abby ordered. And really, Benny and Ryder are the only two who probably can. Interlopers to the region aren’t welcomed in the best of times.
When Jessie Nickerson insists she’s coming along because there’s a rumor her missing fiancé might be up there, the brothers barely muster a protest.
The region’s mess might be easier to face than their own demons, however — Ryder with nightmares of the Iraq war, Jessie with her search for her missing fiancé, and Benny with his fears of the Hat Island pack has done.
A book in the Wolf Harbor universe, Redemption Road follows Girls School.

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