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realm of flames, m sinclair

Realm of Flames (Reborn #3) by M. Sinclair – Free eBooks Download


We were leaving Earth and traveling to an entirely new realm… well, new for me. The Dreki realm. Before escaping Louisiana with my mother and meeting my mates, I’d lived trapped like a bird inside of a cage of Pastor Malcolm’s creation. I was free now. I was also starting to realize what that meant for myself, my mates, and my identity as a shifter. I may have had my wings cut, savagely severed by the hand fate dealt me, but I was becoming stronger and braver each day. There was an instinctual feeling inside of me growing to the point that it wouldn’t be ignored, telling me that this trip to the Dreki realm had the possibility to change everything.

But what happens when secrets are revealed, showing how little I actually know about my own history? When I have to come to terms with some of the darker corners of my mates’ past? When I realize that Pastor Malcolm’s crimes may have been far larger than just myself? When a force far more malicious than my abusive ‘father’ comes after me?

How do I protect my mates? How do I keep Bella safe? How do I ensure that I don’t lose this small, perfect slice of reality that I had managed to find?
I was standing on the edge of a massive drop into a cruel pit of reality… luckily, this time, I knew I could fly.

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