Wrath of the Wicked by Alexi Blake (ePUB)

wrath wicked, alexi blake

Wrath of the Wicked (The Seven Kingdoms Standalones) by Alexi Blake, May Sage – Free eBooks Download


A defiant prince.
Haunted by guilt, hunted by assassins, Rovan’s in dire need of a distraction. The mysterious little liar pretending to be a simple common-born girl is the perfect thing.
Until he sees the woman behind the mask.

A cursed assassin.
In the eleven years since her future was read, Daria has done everything in her power to run from the reality that none of her deeds would ever matter. She’s never come close to solving the mystery of her fate, until Rovan allows her a glimpse into his world.

A shattering bond.
Daria and Rovan’s lives implode beneath their feet when the rebels attack Magnapolis, intent on spilling as much noble as they can get their hands on. Not even Daria’s shadows and Rovan’s powers can prevail in the face of thousands of armed enemies.
Death comes knocking and there’s only one answer for the prince and the Wicked.

Wrath of the Wicked is a contemporary fantasy in the Seven Kingdom universe.

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