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Reactivated: Aidan (Project Phoenix #7) by Charissa Gracyk – Free eBooks Download


Aidan “Vain” Wolf is a hunter, and he plans to stalk his prey down.
However, he doesn’t plan to run into Kennedy Hart again, the woman who caught his eye at a party. But when he finds out the emerald-eyed beauty is the personal assistant to Leeland Goddard, the billionaire financier behind Project Phoenix, Aidan intends to use her to bring her boss down from the inside.
Kennedy doesn’t trust her arrogant employer, and after witnessing several of his shady dealings, her life is on the line. When Aidan swoops in and rescues her, she learns her boss is more evil than she ever imagined and vows to help Aidan and his former Navy SEAL team.
With walls higher than a fortress and guilt that runs deep, Aidan is a loner who doesn’t believe he deserves love. Or the beautiful woman who drives him crazy one minute and makes him want to rip her clothes off the next. But Kennedy recognizes a kindred spirit and is determined to save his lost soul, even if it means sacrificing herself.
Working together, Aidan and Kennedy discover the evil mastermind behind Project Phoenix, Dr. Phineas Dunn, has devised a way to circumvent the reversal serum protecting Aidan’s team from being reactivated. He’s also created a new, ultimate controller powerful enough to ensure that one final reactivation would put Aidan and his team under Dunn’s full control. Forever.
As the clock ticks down, Aidan discovers he has an incredible power…one that allows him to see future events. But with each vision, the danger increases. And each glimpse into the future brings the realization that things may not end well.
Because if his prescient power is accurate, then he, Kennedy and his team may go down in flames.

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