The Vampire’s Search for A Queen by Nikki Grey (ePUB)

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The Vampire’s Search for A Queen (Vampire Royalty #3) by Nikki Grey – Free eBooks Download


A fake relationship. I never thought I would be paid for that kind of work.

When you need money, you take what you can get.
Being a bounty hunter isn’t such a lucrative business anymore. It used to be.
Now everyone thinks they know how to kill a vampire, which made vampires extra vigilant, and extra hard to kill.
Thanks to amateurs.
The leader of a pack hires me to kill the leader of another.
Weird, but OK.
I’m in, as long as they pay well.
But then, the billionaire vampire king himself offers me a better deal.
Be my queen.
A fake one.
Just keep me company and I’ll protect you.
Sounds like a joke, right?
Only, it’s not.
Especially when I start falling for him, and he starts thinking of me as his mate.
This is where it all starts going to hell, as if it hasn’t started that way already.

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