Puck Me Always by Sofia Aves (ePUB)

puck me always, sofia aves

Puck Me Always (Power Play Off the Ice) by Sofia Aves – Free eBooks Download


He wants her back. And he’ll do anything to make sure she’s his.

Shannon “Incinerator” Incarsen has few regrets in life. He’s got everything, including a jersey on the Jericho Chimera Ice Hockey pro team. Everything…except the girl he wants, the girl he never got over.
But after he left her for all the wrong reasons, he knows she’ll never give him another chance.
But giving up isn’t part of his mindset.
Because Shannon Incarsen wins. Every game, everything in his life.
Losing the girl who still tears his heart up because he f*cked up can’t happen.
It won’t happen.
He’ll get her back anyway he can.
Lori Butler is his, even if she doesn’t know it…again.

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