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puck luck, dee ellis

Puck Luck (Harmony Hollow Howlers #2) by Dee Ellis – Free eBooks Download


Hockey is all I have ever been good at. Well, that and hurting people. They go hand in hand of course, but I tend to hurt people on and off the ice. Off the ice I keep my distance from people I will just wind up hurting. It makes for a lonely life, sure, but it is a life I made for myself.
No one can get close enough to me for me to hurt them. Until a pretty little thing on skates pushes right past my defense and gets too close.

Being on the ice is where I am most myself. It is where I can be free and forget about the rest of the world. Nothing bothers me once I lace up my skates. That was, at least, until a big, brooding, brute of a man started flirting with me. I know nothing about romance or dating. All I know is whenever he smiles at me or looks at me with those big brown eyes, I feel very romantic.

Will taking a chance on the brooding hockey star risk my chances of becoming a star myself?

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