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professor problems, merry farmer

Professor Problems (The Brotherhood: Legacy #3) by Merry Farmer – Free eBooks Download


When their families and jobs are on the line, can these two unlikely lovers find what they need to fulfill each other’s fantasies?
Jamie didn’t go looking for the perfect dom, but during one, wild weekend that was supposed to be a rest before the storm of the new school year, the perfect, newbie dom found him. He’s never connected with a play partner like that before, and once the weekend is over, his deepest wish is to find him again and build something true and real outside of the scene.
He should have been careful what he wished for…
Aled only got involved in the BDSM scene on the suggestion of a family friend as a way to deal with a family tragedy. He didn’t expect to find a perfect, older man who would submit to him and make him feel like everything outside the scene would be okay. So when he turns out to be Aled’s advisor at university, he has no idea what to do. On top of that, how can Aled balance a relationship with the challenging demands of his broken and traumatized family?
His family means everything to him…but could Jamie mean just as much? How can he choose?

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