Prelude to Madness by Alex J. Adams (ePUB)

prelude to madness, alex j adams

Prelude to Madness by Alex J. Adams – Free eBooks Download


When reality is an illusion.

Trapped inside your mind was the worst place to be. When you had no option but to stay there, it messed with you in the worst possible way.
Dreams, reality, hidden desires all reared their head. It was hard to know what was real and what was pure fantasy.
That’s where I found myself, inside my head. A captive, with no hope of escape, no matter how hard I tried.
But part of me wanted to stay. Stay with him. He was my one constant. The one that linked them all together, the one that called me home.

Prelude to Madness is a dark MM read with a HFN/HEA. It features drugs, overdose, captivity and dubcon.

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