Poseidon’s Island Flower by Vera Foxx (ePUB)

poseidon's flower, vera foxx

Poseidon’s Island Flower (Under the Moon: God #3) by Vera Foxx – Free eBooks Download


Poseidon, the God of the Sea, isn’t the god that humans believe. He isn’t a fearsome god tossing ships around the ocean. He is meek, broken, the timid. After being swallowed by Kronos and remembering the years he spent in darkness, he doesn’t think he would be worthy of a mate that the gods that are now being granted.
He was just too much trouble. No female would want a male like him. A female needed someone strong, confident, and a protector. Not a male that could barely take care of himself.
But Lani could be that woman. She’s a human caretaker, native to the island of Hawaii. Her brother has gone off to college and has no one to show her love to. Lani becomes lost until she is rescued by a mysterious man that cannot even look her in the eye. She’s intrigued by his mannerisms and shyness and finds him utterly sweet.
Will Poseidon take the plunge, or will Lani have to do all the talking?

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