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passionate consequences, charisse spiers

Passionate Consequences (Camera Tales #3) by Charisse Spiers – Free eBooks Download


*Bryant and Tynleigh’s Beginning*

Passion is everywhere. It’s in everyone, especially women, just waiting to be freed. I like to pride myself on finding the most passionate. The ones that don’t need me for anything other than a good time for a while and then moving on with their lives. My life has been one spiral of fun right after another, and I like it that way. I live with no regrets.
I’ve experienced women in many forms. I’ve loved, lost, and found again. I love their bodies, I lose her when she’s tired of being sexually benefitted friends—or in the last case, running back to the one that she wanted all along—and then I find another when the perfect target stumbles upon my witty charm. It’s a repetitive game I’ve played most of my teenage and adult life. I’m perfectly fine with a woman using me, as long as she’s using me for my body.
But I suppose the last one could have ended before I was ready. Just as I was preparing to bang my way into someone else, Joel called. When the fucker calls, I drop what I’m doing and fly to New York, because it’s usually warranted, and he’s family. God only knows he’s been dished a shitty hand. It was supposed to be a rescue mission like it always is, but maybe it’s me that needs to be rescued more than anyone.
There she was—the woman that will forever change my life. I just didn’t know it when I boarded that plane, California bound. It’s funny how consequences to our own actions can bring us to the very place we’re meant to be . . . for the rest of our lives.
And dammit, she’s just as resistant as me.

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