The Bedlam Boys: Complete Series by Ruby Vincent (ePUB)

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The Bedlam Boys: Complete Series by Ruby Vincent – Free eBooks Download


The town of Bedlam was born of rioters, revolt, pain, and murder.
Over a hundred years later, nothing has changed.

A shadow clings to our lives. Stalking, watching, waiting, taunting, and killing. And when it struck, I wasn’t ready.
I have to play their game now. Catch them, kill them, before Ruckus Royale or they’ll claim another sacrifice.
The trouble is a new band of outlaws are in charge, and Arsenio, Cairo, Jacques, Legend, and Roan don’t take well to people ruining their fun.
On the one night a year where anything goes, mayhem will sweep through the streets and the Kings of Ruckus will rule.
I have my orders. A life to save and a life to take.
And when my punishment comes for framing the Bedlam Boys, I’ll welcome it. I’ll let them free me of the sweet, innocent girl I never got to be.
Under their twisted, scorching love I will atone for the crimes paid and the ones still to come.

In the end, Bedlam will be brought to its knees to bow before its first queen.

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