Passion and Sacrifice by B.A. Stretke (ePUB)

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Passion and Sacrifice (Vampires of Blood and Bones #17) by B.A. Stretke – Free eBooks Download


A reckoning is coming…

Dante Heller is an elite vampire soldier brought in from the field to help strengthen the DuCane Coven against the dangers that Master DuCane knows are coming. Bad omens travel on the wind, and everyone can feel them. Dante is one of the best and is ready to do anything that his Master asks of him until a man is brought in and roughed up to the coven detention cells. Something isn’t right about this. Dante can feel something awakening, being called to deep inside himself. The man, Skye Winters is supposed to be a terror, a great villain from Ezra’s (The Master’s Beloved) past, recently arrived in Coven territory. A member of the notorious Kindred, recently of Pittsburgh. The group was so vile and corrupt Master DuCane had to put them down with his bare hands. It seems now that some escaped and are here to harm the Master’s beloved. Looking at Skye, Dante can’t see the villain, only a scared human, and more than that, his fate chosen beloved. Dante must fight to clear Skye’s name and save him from the real danger that is coming for them all. Dante is a man of passion ready to sacrifice anything for his beloved. Can Dante make Skye trust him long enough to win his heart and keep him safe? Can Erza ever get over his fear of the past and see the truth?

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