One Weekend in Rio de Janeiro by Charissa Gracyk (ePUB)

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One Weekend in Rio de Janeiro (One Weekend) by Charissa Gracyk – Free eBooks Download


It was just a long weekend trip—what could possibly happen in a few short days?

Donovan Briggs, genius hacker extraordinaire, isn’t looking for adventure and doesn’t consider himself a warrior. Despite his brief stint as a Navy SEAL, dodging enemies and shooting guns was never his jam. So, he was thrilled to be recruited over to military intelligence.
Now, the former intel officer is on his way down to Rio de Janeiro to meet with a potential financier to acquire funding to develop a high-tech drone he’s created. A drone that would change the face of warfare and allow Donovan to ride off into the cyber sunset with billions of dollars.
Rio may be in the middle of its electric Carnaval celebration, but Donovan isn’t interested in playing. Until a gorgeous diversion with eyes the color of an autumn day sits down across from him at the airport and makes him reconsider mixing business with pleasure.
Kate Halloran leads a cautious, practical life. Traveling solo to Rio de Janeiro to fulfill a bucket list trip is so not her. Neither is falling for the attractive man sitting next to her on the plane. But she’s secretly hoping for a little excitement and, little does she know, she’s about to get her wish, in spades.
When Donovan and Kate are thrown into the adventure of a lifetime, both are pushed out of their comfort zones. But, after getting lost in the jungle, battling bad guys and succumbing to the sensual energy of Carnival, will they be brave enough to take a chance on each other once their magical weekend is over?

***This novella is a part of the “One Weekend” series.

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