Melting His Frozen Heart by Melinda Jenkins (ePUB)

melting his heart, melinda jenkins

Melting His Frozen Heart by Melinda Jenkins – Free eBooks Download


Haunted by the destruction of his culture, Jayson Reilly is a man without a past.

When he is recruited for a mission to a new world, he must decide how far he’s willing to go to stop history from repeating.
He joins a team of idealistic young scientists addressing the planet’s most pressing environmental problems at billionaire tech entrepreneur Anton Kamaras’ Center for Sustainability Research.
What none of them realize is that Kamaras has no intention of saving the world with their research—he needs them to help him invade another one.
Using an accidental discovery related to his pioneering work in quantum computing, Kamaras has created a portal to a pristine new world.
There, he will do whatever it takes to wrest control from its inhabitants and create a paradise meant only for a select few.
As the mission’s true objectives are exposed, Jayson must lead his colleagues in a desperate effort to thwart Kamaras’ murderous plans.
The ultimate fate of both worlds depends on it.
Will Jayson be able to stop the invasion?

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