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Off Field Training (Class in Session) by Layne Daniels – Free eBooks Download


It should be a walk in the park to wrangle Taryn Ellis. It’s more like a walk over a bed of nails.

My job as a grad assistant hinges on training and managing the star women’s soccer striker for our school. After four years on the school’s winning men’s team as their goalkeeper, I know the pressures and temptations she faces. I’ve been there.
Taryn Ellis is the party girl extraordinaire, and she stands between me and finishing a grad degree without crushing student loan debt. If I can keep her on the straight and narrow til the end of her senior season. If I can ensure she stays out of trouble for two more weeks.

Is she difficult? Absolutely. But is this a task I can juggle? No sweat.

What nobody warned me about? Taryn Abbott doesn’t get into trouble. She is trouble. The kind of trouble I can’t resist. Now the only thing this former goalie has in mind is getting her into my net and keeping her forever.

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