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of course cutie, nikki paris

Of Course, Cutie (’69 #2) by Nikki Paris – Free eBooks Download


People always tell me I’m an old soul. Maybe it’s their polite way of pointing out that I don’t fit in with kids my age. It’s fine. They’re right. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last two nightmarish years of my life, it’s that time is limited and unpredictable. There’s no point in wasting it by caring too much about what others think. There’s no point in dancing around the things you want. And I want Burke. I don’t care if he’s almost twice my age. Age is relative. I don’t care that he works for my stupidly protective older brother. Evan will get over it. I’m going after what I want.

I’ll chase my ex-wife across the country to keep her from taking my little girl away from me. My daughter is the only thing that truly matters. I’ll take a bartending job to pay the bills and stay close to Tess, and I’ll keep my eyes off my new boss’s cute little sister. I’m not here for her. She’s way too young for me anyway. But Charlie has me thinking and laughing and wondering if I’ve been living my life half asleep. Damn, she’s cute, and she makes me want things that I shouldn’t want.

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