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no sweeter poison, leonora mendez castillo

No Sweeter Poison (No Sweeter Poison #1) by Leonora Mendez Castillo – Free eBooks Download


After graduating college, Dahlia Rosario packs her bags and takes off to Barcelona with her cousin, Karina, for a backpacking tour across Europe. All it takes is one wrong turn down the labyrinthine streets of the Gothic Quarter for Dahlia to get lost. They stumble across a lounge run by the charming and enigmatic Alejandro Narvaez. Dahlia and Alejandro immediately hit it off and a heated affair ensues. However, what was supposed to be a meaningless summer fling quickly turns deadly when Dahlia becomes wrapped up in an assassination attempt.

Alejandro is the heir to the Narvaez crime family, whose sphere of influence runs through the whole of Latin America to Barcelona, where they’ve been for the last decade. Despite Alejandro’s fervent efforts to legitimize the family business, sensitive power dynamics and decades old allegiances within the city put those plans in jeopardy. To further complicate things, someone wants him dead and now Dahlia has a price on her head as well.

Against her will, Alejandro takes her to his villa in the countryside where he promises to protect her until the threat is gone. So long as there are people trying to kill him, there’ll be someone trying to kill Dahlia for having been at the worst place at an even worse time.

Dahlia fights captivity every step of the way but when her feelings for Alejandro begin to cloud her judgement, she worries she may be losing her mind. Or worse, she’s morphing into the amoral, murderous criminal she’s fallen for. As the two of them continue to struggle for power over the other, neither of them can deny their true feelings. With both their lives at stake the choice between survival and love must be made in the face of an all-out war.

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