Never Say Never by Mayra Statham (ePUB)

never say never, mayra statham

Never Say Never (Dark and Twisted Tales) by Mayra Statham – Free eBooks Download


Pro baseball player, Peter Northend swears to anyone who will listen, he will never settle down. Ever. Why would he? He has it all: Money. Power. Looks.
Never say never.

Peter goes down a proverbial rabbit hole on social media when he finds out there is a podcast dedicated to him. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cast him in the light he’d assumed it would.

Wendy Quezada is a diehard Dirt Devils fan and has it out for the notorious pitcher, Peter Northend. From his fights on and off the field to the conquests that seem to be walking in and out of the locker room, Wendy thinks he’s the worst and isn’t shy about sharing that on her Dirt Devils dedicated social media platforms.

Peter finds himself inexplicably pulled in by her dark eyes and stories. A lot of them are tall tales but some hold truths that don’t cast him in the best light. Instead of ignoring her, or suing her for defamation, he keeps watching her.
Addicted and obsessed, he even goes as far as befriending her under a different name.

The line between love and stalking is a thin one and one night he can’t help himself. What happens when Wendy leaves a window open and Peter all but fly’s in? Will they head off to never, never world and make new stories together? Or will she tell him where he and his shadow can stick it?

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