My Romeo Holidate by Lana Dash (ePUB)

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My Romeo Holidate (Valentines and Holidates) by Lana Dash – Free eBooks Download


She’s ready to get back in the dating world. He’s falling for his arch-enemy’s sister. Is this holidate doomed from swipe right?

Freelance writing doesn’t pay what it used to, and I’m forced to give up my apartment.
Thankfully my older brother has a spare room at his place that I can crash in until I get back on my feet.
With Valentine’s Day approaching, I attempt to fix one aspect of my life by logging into my long-forgotten dating profile.
But when the perfect guy I’m matched with turns out to be my brother’s business rival, my dating life goes from casual to complicated after just one date.
Can I help end this feud, or will I walk away from this chance at love?

I gave up my 9 to 5 job to pursue my dream of opening a bar in the city.
The only downside to this perfect location is the bar owner across the street, who thinks there is only room for one of us.
I’ve been so focused on the business my love life has suffered, and people close to me have noticed.
Fed up with my grumpy behavior, my cousin hooks me up with the latest dating app.
When the girl of my dreams turns out to be the sister of my enemy, things get… messy.
Can we navigate this together, or will we end up star-crossed lovers?

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