Murder on the Boardwalk by Vickie McKeehan (ePUB)

murder on boardwalk, vickie mckeehan

Murder on the Boardwalk (Beachcomber Mystery #3) by Vickie McKeehan – Free eBooks Download


A forgotten cold case languishing in a dusty box. A teenage girl without a name. Who murdered Gidget Jane Doe as she became known to the town when no one stepped forward to claim her body. Found strangled on a hot August morning in 1978, her body left in plain view on the boardwalk—how could anyone do such a thing? And why? Was she killed in broad daylight on a sliver of beach? Or was she murdered the night before? After all this time, so many unanswered questions. Is it too late for the killer to be brought to justice?
Two self-described websleuths—Brogan Cole and Lucien Sutter—try to uncover the killer’s dark and twisted secrets. The path to discovery won’t be easy. Twists and turns lead to dead ends—until they get help from an unlikely source. But each step they take closer to the killer puts their lives in jeopardy—which can only mean one thing—the killer is a local and still lives in the area.
Can they put the clues together before the killer strikes again? Or will they be the next victims?

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