Mud, Love, and Chemistry by Christine Layne (ePUB)

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Mud, Love, and Chemistry by Christine Layne – Free eBooks Download


Brynn Erlenmeyer loves a good challenge. Whether it’s scaling obstacles at her favorite 10-k, or acing her college courses. She succeeds at every endeavor she puts her mind to. In fact, Brynn hasn’t encountered a problem she couldn’t solve.

Aside from the gaping hole in her love life.
With an almost guaranteed internship after graduation, Brynn has everything going for her. But good friends and a bright future only do so much to pad the loneliness in her heart. She yearns for someone to share her life with, so it’s no surprise she falls hard and fast for Sam Eastman. Handsome and charming, he’s practically perfect.

Except he lives two hundred miles away.
Resigning herself to another lost relationship, Brynn says goodbye to Sam and focuses on her classes. Her last year of college seems like it’ll be smooth sailing. But she gets thrown for a loop when Sam unexpectedly reenters her life.
What should be a joyful occurrence takes an ugly turn when Brynn learns that Sam is vying for the same internship. Animosity builds between them, and soon, they’re butting heads. She tries to ignore him completely, but no matter what she does, Brynn can’t avoid his irritatingly handsome face.

He becomes her greatest challenge yet.
Brynn thought the fiery chemistry she had with Sam would melt away her loneliness. Instead, it threatens to incinerate all that she has worked so hard to accomplish. As it turns out, the line between love and hate can be extremely muddy.

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