Misfit Omega by Jarica James (ePUB)

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Misfit Omega (Dark Haven Omegaverse #2) by Jarica James – Free eBooks Download


I found out the hard way that demons and gargoyles are real. In a few short weeks I’m wrapped up in a realm that was my reality all along and now I’m bonded to alphas and a beta who are at each others’ throats.
I have my pack, and they’re as misfit as I am. There’s Drake, the grumpy half-demon alpha. Monty, my Demon commander who has been by my side for years. Kol, a gargoyle alpha who wants to claim me. And two humans who are both soft and sweet, rounding me out perfectly.
Vane and his demon rebellion is still going strong, the humans are starting to take notice, and apparently I am the only one who can fix this.
Dark Haven was supposed to be temporary. Now I know there’s no way I can leave my mates behind.
I have a bad feeling that this war won’t be over until it’s taken everything I care about, but what can one human omega do against an army of bloodthirsty demons?

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