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The Little Black Dress (Love in Las Vegas #1) by Piper James – Free eBooks Download


Never underestimate the power of a little black dress. Especially one as lucky as mine.
Every time I’ve worn my favorite black dress, something good has happened. I’ve talked my way out of speeding tickets––and into a date with the cute cop––and I’ve found money on the ground, won cool prizes on the Las Vegas strip, and even got a cushy job with an even cushier paycheck.
It’s my lucky dress, and in it, I can’t lose.
Until I did.
Thanks to an enthusiastic bidder at an art auction, the dress failed me when I needed it most. I disappointed my boss and got fired, even though it wasn’t my fault. It was his. The man who writes thirty-five million dollar checks for ugly, ridiculous paintings.
Now, I’m unemployed, broke, and incredibly close to losing the life I’ve built for myself. When I score a job as an assistant to a billionaire casino owner, I’m over-the-moon happy. Hoping there’s still some luck left in my little black dress, I wear it on my first day to meet my new boss…
Jared Hart. Owner and operator of The Black Hart Casino.
And the insufferable, grumpy, gorgeous jerk who got me fired in the first place.
I want to tell him to take his job and shove it, but I need the money. Plus, being his assistant might give me an opportunity to exact a little payback.
Game on, sir.
Oh, and I’m setting that dress on fire the first chance I get. Its luck has obviously run out.

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