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When the fourth son of King Luc-Henri gets married, you are obligated to show up. Especially when you are the second in line for the crown, and that son happens to be your uncle. While Uncle Anders never wanted the life of a royal, I loved it. Lived for it even. Being the son of the Crown Prince provided me with all of the privileges of the position without any of the responsibilities–yet. When I boarded my private jet bound for Luxembourg the one person I hadn’t expected to be joining me on my flight was Maisie Astor, Countess of the Rhine. She gave me all kinds of fancy-sounding words like diplomatic entitlement, and humanitarian aid worker–phrases I didn’t understand.

Of course, there was a lot about Maisie Astor I didn’t understand. Like why once we got to Oxford she acted as if we hadn’t known each other since childhood. Especially after that one magical Boxing Day that played on a never-ending repeat in my memories. If it took all twelve hours of our flight to get her to agree to see me again, it would be time well spent.

Don’t let the fancy title fool you. There was nothing about being Duchess of the Rhine that did anything for me. Other than making it nearly impossible to travel anywhere quickly and efficiently. When the head of a Charity Initiative asked for me to return to Luxembourg to meet, I reluctantly agreed. It was a pit stop on my way to Kenya, anyway. While I knew that eventually, I’d run into Thieren, I hadn’t expected the Heir Apparent to be on my flight home. I hadn’t seen him in years. Not since our Oxford graduation. The schoolgirl inside me still got giddy in his presence. Never mind that our lives were incompatible. It was a twelve-hour flight, and one wedding then I’d be back to my life and he would go back to his. So what if he’d taken ownership of my heart when I was seventeen? I had zero time for love. Especially when so many people in the world needed saving.

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