Married to the Mahr by Delilah Dare (ePUB)

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Married to the Mahr (Freedom, Love, Monsters #1) by Delilah Dare – Free eBooks Download


He smelled her nightmare miles away and had to feast upon the dreamer capable of such a tantalizing scent…
But at the first taste of her, he knew…
He would break his centuries-long vow just to ride her chest every night.
Traeyr’s favorite thing about being the demon that inspired the word nightmare is traveling the world. His second favorite thing is squeezing through the tightest possible holes to infiltrate his victims’ chambers.
He always finds himself returning to this geographical spot where dreamers are ripe for his influence. The sweet scent of a sleeper’s dark dream lures him to her bed and he has to have a taste. He’s never before experienced such a delectable dulcet of flavors and he finds himself coming back for more, but he refuses to allow a human to trap him. Never again.
In the wake of a breakup, Addison struggles to pay rent with stress-induced nightmares plaguing her sleep. When she wakes to find a demonic shadow creature perched on her chest, research quickly leads her to suspect she’s been targeted by a mahr – a sleep paralysis demon that rides the chests of sleeping humans, feeding them nightmares and crushing them to death. If he can give her nightmares, could he give her good dreams, too?

Addison never meant to bind Traeyr to her bedroom. She only wanted a good night’s sleep. But when he finds out that more than just her dreams can nourish him, his control begins to slip.

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