Mark’s Forbidden Mate by Blake R. Wolfe (ePUB)

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Mark’s Forbidden Mate (Ombra Pack Chronicles #6) by Blake R. Wolfe – Free eBooks Download


I was supposed to be living alone my last year of college, not rooming with the idiot werewolf captain of the football team. I despise him. So why can’t I stop kissing him?
Getting a full-ride to an elite paranormal college is no easy task. And keeping my grades high is a requirement if I want to maintain that scholarship. That means I don’t have time for parties, boys, or drama.
It also means I always get a room to myself so I can focus on my magical studies. So when I move in senior year to find a werewolf stinking up my room, things get a little tense. Not only is there no way to get rid of him, but he’s an idiot to boot.
However, when the full moon rises and he kisses me, my whole world is turned upside down.
Werewolves don’t go to elite schools. We just aren’t academic types usually. So when I get in on a football scholarship, I have to work double time to keep my grades up and perform well on the field.
Senior year, I’m made captain of the team, and that comes with perks, like a room all to myself. Except when I arrive, it’s not empty. Instead, there’s a sassy male witch glaring at me every chance he gets.
It’s clear we hate one another, but there’s something I’m not telling him.
He’s my mate. He just doesn’t know it yet.

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