When a Governess Desires a Duke by Emily Honeyfield (ePUB)

when governess desires duke, emily honeyfield

When a Governess Desires a Duke by Emily Honeyfield – Free eBooks Download


Lady Eleanor Tamsworth never expected to become embroiled in scandal, but when society discovered her alone in a carriage with Lord Everton, she faced inevitable punishment. Ostracized and shunned, Eleanor’s fate seems sealed when her father arranges a marriage to an old and unpleasant friend. Desperate to escape, Eleanor orchestrates a daring plan with her loyal lady’s maid, fleeing into the heart of Cornwall with new identities and new lives.

Will their disguise be enough to evade detection, or will their past catch up with them?
Sebastian Blackthorne, Duke of Cornwall, mourned his wife’s passing and resisted all attempts to move on. Burdened by debts and the responsibility of raising his young daughter alone, Sebastian sought solace in isolation. However, his world is upended when a captivating new governess arrives at Blackthorne House…

Who is this mysterious governess, and what secrets does she hide beneath her tempting exterior?
As Eleanor settles into her role as governess to the Duke’s daughter, she and Sebastian find themselves drawn to each other despite their burdens. Intrigued by Eleanor’s determination and strength, Sebastian starts to open up in ways he never expected. However, Eleanor’s quest to uncover the truth about Lady Blackthorne’s death risks exposing her own hidden identity. Can they overcome the lies and temptations thrown their way, or will their pasts destroy their passionate love?

“When a Governess Desires a Duke” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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