Making a Duke out of a Brute by Patricia Haverton (ePUB)

making duke brute, patricia haverton

Making a Duke out of a Brute by Patricia Haverton – Free eBooks Download


“Stop looking into the previous Duke’s affairs, lest you end up like him!”
Agnes Boyle is content. Living with her father, the Baron, calling on her friends, and occasionally indulging in the latest gossip, she never plans to marry. Until that is, she meets the most caring, down-to-earth Duke and his lovely sister, who are, admittedly, in desperate need of a make-over!
Gilbert Turner never imagined he would one day be the Duke of Throwbridge. And why would he? Growing up the son of a humble store owner, he knows nothing of the ton and its ways, but he would do anything if it meant a better life for his little sister Susanna. He knows he needs help but he never imagined the lovely source of it would turn his life as she did…
They are already making progress when the first letter arrives. They are terrified by the second. The third one seals the deal. They have to find out who is sending these threats and why. They need to learn more about the previous duke’s death. And they must bring an end to it now if they wish to prevent it from happening again…

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