Made Marian, Volume One by Lucy Lennox (ePUB)

made marian, lucy lennox

Made Marian, Volume One (The Made Marian Books #1-3) by Lucy Lennox – Free eBooks Download


Enjoy the Made Marian series in bundle format. Included in Made Marian Volume One are the following three titles:

Borrowing Blue
Follow Blue Marian as he accidentally kisses a random stranger in a bar one night and kicks off a series of events at a big family wedding that throws everything into question. Little does he know the stranger would turn out to be his new brother-in-law who owns the vineyard in Napa where the wedding is being held. When Tristan Alexander decides to kiss the sweet man at the bar to make his ex jealous, he has no idea it will challenge everything he ever knew about himself. Borrowing Blue is the award-winning debut novel that opens the worldwide bestselling Made Marian series.

Taming Teddy
When photographer Teddy Kodiak decides to show up in Alaska to shadow one of the wildlife verterinarians on staff, he assumes his charming personality will win the guy over immediately. Little does Teddy know Jamie Marian has no patience for men with big egos and even bigger reputations. Been there, done that. All Jamie wants is time to himself to lick his wounds from being jilted not long ago. But Teddy has other ideas, and Jamie needs to brace himself for the whirlwind that is Teddy Kodiak on a mission to impress the sweet, shy scientist.

Jumping Jude
Jude Marian is a closeted country music star who does everything he’s supposed to do. He’s been shoving down his own desires for years in order to follow his career dreams. But when a mysterious attack leaves him shaken and vulnerable, Jude’s new bodyguard brings all those desires rushing into the forefront of his mind. Derek Wolfe is a big, bad bodyguard who’s as straight as they come. Except late at night when Jude is at his most vulnerable, it seems Derek is the one person he can be himself around. What if Derek isn’t straight afterall? And what if there’s a way Jude can finally have everything he ever wanted?

The Made Marian Collection is made up of three volumes. Volume one includes books 1-3, Volume two includes books 4-6, and Volume three includes books 7-10.

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