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mabel 3, erin r flynn

Mabel 3 (Tantalizing Trilogies #6) by Erin R Flynn – Free eBooks Download


Now that everyone will learn that Mabel is the saint blessed by the goddess Violetta, she will be in even more danger than before. The Holy Empire is demanding she be turned over like property and they won’t be the only ones. It’s the last thing she wants, and it seems like her whole life will crumble right before her eyes.
How cruel is it to have freedom that few women ever obtain only to have it so briefly?
So much has changed for Andre now that he has forgiven Ian for their past and has become a minister of Areca. He’s a marquis and in a relationship beyond his wildest hopes with two people he loves. And he will fight with all he has to protect that.
Ian lost the love of his life once doing what was best for the royal family and the kingdom. This time he will do what’s best for the two people he loves more than his own life, and if that means taking on the Holy Empire or the entire world to protect them, so be it.
But can the three of them really make their dreams a reality when so much is against them?

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