Love vs The Ooze Monster! by Cassandra Gannon (ePUB)

love vs ooze monster, cassandra gannon

Love vs The Ooze Monster! (Frightful Loves) by Cassandra Gannon – Free eBooks Download


Nevermore County, 1922: Slaughter at a speakeasy! A mysterious creature has killed all the revelers at an illegal bar. It left nothing behind but bottles of tainted moonshine and a trail of orange slime.

For a bootlegger like Mabel Harrison, this situation could be a professional catastrophe. Now, she’s got to team up with the most prominent gangster around to discover who made the poisoned liquor. Unfortunately, Boyd Cassiday is also her too-handsome, too-charming ex-boss. Mabel is still furious that the big idiot fired her. Somehow they need to work together, though, because an ooze monster is hunting the streets of their small town. …And it might just have its sights set on Mabel.

Welcome to Nevermore County, where falling in love can be terrifying!

(M/F, HEA, no cheating, 54,000 words, is part of a series but is a stand-alone story which can be read in any order.)

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